Fashionably ‘Gay’

I love! love! love! guys who make an effort when it comes to their looks! Some people believe fashionable guys are gay *gasp*… So a guy can’t look totally fashionable and not be gay aye??

It should not take guys a lot to look AMAZING! A colourful bow-tie (or neck tie) would not be a bad accessory-well depends on what shirt he is wearing, beads or wrist bands too (if you aren’t the type who wears watches) and rings too (okay maybe one). Most importantly, a guy should wear his confidence up his sleeve: note, not his oversized ego but his confidence!


In the photo above, my mate brought alive this white/light-blue shirt (can’t tell, my apologies) with an African print bow-tie, some beads and a ring. His round-rimmed dark-glasses made another statement!


signature ii


2 thoughts on “Fashionably ‘Gay’

  1. I think it’s about moderation. I know guys who dress great and don’t give off a single hint of homosexuality. Some do it to a point that gets them labelled metro-sexual. It’s all about finding what style works for you and not overly indulging in fashion for fashion sake.

    Let’s face it tho, It’s gay guys who are ‘overly’ fashionable. 🙂

    1. KJR, there’s no book that says how homosexuals or straight guys dress (well I haven’t come across that…..yet) you can’t say someone is a homosexual based on their love for fashion and their style!

      Well…… you could say that but still…. 🙂 🙂

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