All Teed up!!

Hi guys!!! Remember when white tees where only worn under shirts and stuff and also used for P. ED only?

Well I guess not, cos those days have long been over….like that’s so 10 years ago right. These days, white tees are worn all over by both guys and girls

For women and girls, white tees can be worn with shorts, maxi skirts, trousers, tights/leggings basically, almost EVERYTHING!



Decently worn outfits with white tees can be worn almost anywhere that isn’t very formal. For days when we feel like letting our thot ways loose, we can wear really light, almost see-through white tees with very shorts shorts; na’mean? LOL

Guys can equally wear white tees with shorts and trousers, unless you a kilt wearing alpha male… jokes only…

White tees are a closet must have! one or two or three would be just fine to own.

Ciao guys,

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