Autumn Must-Haves (Coats)



Hey guys, Looks like I am always apologising every time I put up a post so maybe not this time. hehe… The real reason why it’s taken me forever in-between posts is because I moved to the other side of the pond for school; I’m no more in warm and sunny Accra, Ghana.

Kinda’ live in the U.K now so yea.

The weather has definitely changed from what I am used to and even though summer was only a few weeks away it’s gotten really cold now and I’ve been shopping- YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME!!!!!!!

Any-ways, item number one on my list was an autumn coat which I can definitely see myself using during the colder winter days too…


I am attracted to the simplicity of this style, cut and colour and at the same time still very fashionable, I’ve gotten a similar one but mine comes with a hood so maybe not so similar but hey you get my point.


For some edge, I’m yet to get one of these ones. The leather does things to me no other coat has done, kind of amazed I haven’t copped one yet; soon come yes? hehe



I think pastels are a big thing this season and look good with every and almost anything. You know your style, mix and match, switch it up and own it *snap*snap*snap*

Ciao guys,

Until my next post,

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