Autumn Must Haves-Boots



From real to faux leather to high to low cut boots, there’s a different one for everyone. Which one(s) do you think I’ve already gotten or ordered? hehe

Apart from looking absolutely fabulous, they keep ones feet warm too- off course in addition to the stockings, socks and leg warmers you’ve got on.


Have you got a pair of jeans that you think are to flare to be worn with your boots? Easy peasy, fold ’em up, wear socks long enough to cover the fold and into the boot your foot goes. Do make sure the fold doesn’t show though. You’re welcome


boots3For some weird reason people keep saying negative things about UGGs but I think they are comfy..Haven’t copped one yet but they sure do look warm enough. I just won’t wear them with short skirts (my opinion, I mean you can if you’re comfortable)

So am I a high or low boot type of person? You let me know what you think…


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19 Beautiful Must Haves For Your Fall Wardrobe, According To Fab You Bliss


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