Tourists For the Day

So Bournemouth is officially home now; been here for about three weeks and I’ve finally been a tourist, seen the town…

Well we had to dress up even though we did a lot of walking *insert sad, tired face here*



Really, my hall of residence and the town centre isn’t very far; a ten to fifteen minute walk isn’t that bad- well if it’s done on an empty stomach, it kind of is… *lazy much*



IMG_3504 (phone addicts)


From the photos, quite obvious we found a good place for a quick unplanned photo-shoot to share with you’s always a good time to take some photographs.

I’m thinking our looks are fine for the everyday look and the weather, the sisters tried to be twinsies for the day going for almost the same thing: camo trousers with simple tops, headgearS and simple flat, easy shoes and of course their satchels.

I on the other hand did black tights, a black t-shirt dress, a black beanie, black boots and a brown coat to not look soooooooooo black…I LOVE THE COLOUR BLACK!!! It’s good to go with boots as long as they aren’t too tight and hurting your feet (with all the walking we did, tight boots would have killed me) *drama queen much* hehe..

well until later


signature ii


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