Back & Better

And she’s back again with the usual ‘Hi guys…’

So I know it’s been ‘a few’ months- more like close to a year. Good news is I’m back (for good this time)- so tell your friends to subscribe and you know…

How was everyone’s 2016? Cliched answer from everyone? “Was a rubbish year?” “2016 needs to be deleted?” Whatever you’re thinking, 2016 has been over for what, 10 days? It’s time to pick up the pieces left all over your bedroom floor and dress up to take over 2017- because that’s what we’re all doing this year.

Taking 2017 like the bosses we are- get with the program.

So I’ve been thinking, to take over this year and make the best of it, what am I really going to get right this year? Definitely do away with my almost all black wardrobe- I mean everyone loves a bit of black but when everythings is all black and your Ghanaian mum starts worrying, maybe it’s time I fixed up with some bright colours yes?

Some of us hate to admit it but when we look good, we feel good and our day gets even better. Must be a psychological thing- hey what do I know ? I probably will know a lot about that after I get my masters in Psychology ‘amirite’? *lol*my-daily-look-for-2016

This was legit (almost) my everyday look last year- I admit, doesn’t look as bad as my mum made it out to be you know. Guess we will be going all black on some dates.

Next post going to be all about my new year resolution- fashion wise that is.


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