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Not So Black

Back like I never left!

Okay let’s not get too excited, let’s get to the fifth consistent post then we celebrate yes?

To be honest, my looks aren’t going to change entirely, less black; that’s all really. I mean, look at the first outfit I put together. Took away the black turtleneck and got a blue jumper in, black boots for black high tops- notice how it’s got a dash of white? I’ll probably have my black jacket on but I could do brown or grey. I’m hardly in blue, I should like this… *inserts thinking emoji*


Second outfit is more ‘girly’ which the mother would definitely love- or not, seeing as I’d be showing some skin in the freezing winter nights. Jokes, I get cold too quickly, black tights before the knee high boots are put on- obviously!

I see myself in this, on a date to be honest. It’s girly and I’d look like I actually put effort in before leaving home, no? Not saying I’d only put an effort into dressing up when going on a date. Definitely a black jacket and scarf with this look.



So far we’re still seeing a lot of black aren’t we? Switched it up a bit with this look. I don’t do a lot of skirts or dresses- guess I’m trying something new this year. Tights or leggings? Not too sure really? How cold is it outside?


The only thing going to be black about this look will probably be my bag, my nails and my hair, if I haven’t gone crazy and dyed it, I don’t purple, jokes. I actually am in love with this look. I don’t know what it is but yea, it’s a good look yes or is it just me? Oh well, It works for me really.

See here’s the thing about finding one’s own fashion, you shouldn’t care what people think- fashion and style are always changing to be honest.Find what works for you and go with it. Try not to offend anyone please- going out butt-naked isn’t the one!


Double denim never goes out of style! Never will and if it did, I’d bring it back- and since we know that isn’t going to happen, this is my my double D look. You could always borrow your mans denim shirt to finish this look or be like me and order an oversized denim shirt from the everything 5 pounds store *double wink*


If you decide to try any of these looks, add an extra layer to get warmer, I may have mentioned but here’s a quick reminder- keep warm until it gets warmer outside.


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