Whites, Nudes & Wools

How’s everyones 2017 going? Still on job with those fashion resolutions?

Not going to lie I have been slacking, was in all black last night after the little ‘snow storm’ LOL can I call it that please?

My look wasn’t entirely black as my Pumas were black with white soles and my scarf had some red in it- soooo maybe it wasn’t as bad as I made it seem, or was it?

Sure you lot have noticed I’ve got a tomboyish feel to my style- No? Well yes I have got a tomboyish feel… lol.

I’ve always wanted to try the all white look but after going through what I’ve got, I had to add some nude and a wool hat that had some colour to it. Usually the shirt worn over my white tee would be the obvious usually red flannel types but was snooping around online and found this white floral one on the BONOBOS website.

I obviously wouldn’t be wearing mine like their models do (& my my my do they wear the shirts well *wink*). With how cold it’s been getting lately I’ll probably have it buttoned all the way to the top, scarf secure and a thick nude/brown jacket to keep in all the warmth.

If (which I doubt) it gets warmer, I could always take off my floral shirt and have it tied around my hips.


Where would I be going in this look? Casual day at work? Drinks with the girls… date night- you saw that coming, all my looks are great for a casual date night unless he’s all about that fancy life then I might just have to reevaluate my style.

You should have a look at Bonobos 2017 Style which is to focus more on their custom-fitted pants for all- mens’ pants  if you’re still looking up inspirations for ‘tom-boyish’ looks. I know I have, already got my order in.


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